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Hardscape Services, Vero Beach, FL, Vero Beach, FL Paver Overlays is one of Vero Beach, Florida's trusted hardscaping companies. We are recognized for our exceptional outdoor living creations that are artistically pleasing and of the finest quality. As a seasoned company, we go above and above to provide our clients with exceptional experiences. We achieve the perfect harmony between dependability, excellent quality, and cost, ensuring that you get value each when you engage with us. We can assist you in building new hardscapes and outdoor living spaces from the ground up or adding some features to an existing property. Our company can help you improve the aesthetic of your outside space by helping you choose materials, placing pavers, and adding additional features like outdoor kitchens, decks, and patios. Our proven work methods guarantee that the external areas of your home or place of business are attractive, robust, and simple to maintain. Our expertise involves installing a range of outdoor living components as well as hardscape planning, layout, and construction. We provide the services listed below to commercial and residential clients:


We design and construct the most beautiful, paved surfaces like driveways, walkways, pathways, patios, decks, etc., that merge effortlessly into the surrounding yard or landscape features. We will incorporate appropriate walkways, paths, and other paved surfaces if we oversee the complete landscaping plan. However, if desired, we can add various paved areas to your existing landscape and ensure a cohesive look. Our team can design and install natural stone, brick, and concrete surfaces on commercial and residential properties in any outdoor space. Our experts are attentive and creative and will incorporate your ideas and concepts into the plans. We use high-quality materials and the latest techniques in our work, so your outdoor spaces look great, perform well and last long. We are here to help with material selection, and our team will provide design input to make your outdoor spaces unique. We can help with paver installations, upgrades, and replacements. Read More About Paver Installations »


Most homes and businesses have a driveway as their primary entrance. Since interlocking pavers are much more long-lasting than asphalt, gravel, or concrete driveways, many homeowners opt for them. Paver driveways with regular maintenance can easily last decades, giving you the best return on your investment. These surfaces are easy to install and keep clean and look great in any setting. We'll give you our top recommendations for layouts and ideas, whether you're interested in brick, concrete, or stone pavers. We ensure that every unit is installed correctly and is strong and durable, which is essential in areas with a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. Additionally, if you require it, our team will assist you in replacing your current concrete driveway with a more alluring paver installation. Each hardscaping project is completed by our specialists following industry standards, providing you with the best and longest-lasting outdoor surfaces possible. Read More About Driveways »


We're here to assist people who want to create a backyard oasis and want a reliable hardscape contractor. Pavers are highly durable and flexible to changing weather patterns. They are independent modules that do not degrade as poured concrete over time. This makes them ideal for patios and other high-traffic areas of your property, such as walkways and pathways. For the project's duration, our team will handle every aspect, from planning to execution so you will have the patio of your dreams. You can depend on us to design and build lovely hardscaping for your residence, such as beautiful paver patios. We use our experience and skill in the field to create stunning patios with seating walls and fire pits as required. When you choose us for your paver patio project, you can rest assured that it will last many years and complement your garden beautifully. Our emphasis on customization drives our constant search for methods to lower the cost of our services for customers. Read More About Patios »


We specialize in pool deck design and installation, presenting your swimming pool in the best possible light. Do you need to renovate an existing pool area or need a brand-new deck? We are experts with all the skills required to handle these duties. With the installation of a pool deck, you'll have an additional surface area on your property, and we take the entire project, from design to construction. Our experts will collaborate with you to match your preferences and design an area where you, your family, and visitors can spend some wonderful poolside time. The group may create a fantastic entertainment zone all around the pool deck. We use the best materials in our work to build gorgeous outdoor living areas on your property that will last for a very long time, thanks to the combination of our creativity, expertise, and competence. You can rest assured that the deck we create for you will be outstanding in every way. Read More About Pool Decks »


The overall look of your landscape depends significantly on the hardscaping elements you choose to include. They serve two purposes: they keep you off the grass and establish the boundaries of your property. Like every other facet of landscaping, hardscape installation calls for expertise. Our weatherproof hardscapes are built to last. Installing a patio, deck, driveway, paths, walkways, or retaining walls in your garden or yard is a breeze when you hire our masons and landscape contractors. We exclusively use high-quality materials from reliable suppliers to guarantee a flawless installation. We know it's best to build a solid foundation with hardscapes before putting in softer elements like plants and grass. If the hardscape's design and execution are held up, it might push the development back. So, we get the installation done quickly without sacrificing quality. We pride ourselves on providing customers with unique hardscape solutions and exceptional service. Read More About Hardscapes »


The exterior applications of travertine, a rockface material, include outdoor kitchens, decks, patios, pathways, sidewalks, and walkways. It is a strong material with a distinctive porous structure and is environmentally friendly. It lets water seep into the ground below, replenishing the water table. There are several colors of travertine pavers, including cream, walnut, red, and golden. The stone's porosity makes its surfaces cool to the touch, which makes it the perfect choice for poolscapes. These pavers are easy to clean and last for many years with appropriate maintenance. There are standard, commercial, and superior grades of travertine pavers, and you can choose the one you require based on your budget and area. Our crew is here to provide you with any travertine paver-related information you may need, as well as assistance with installation. Our creative team will provide designs and pattern ideas, so your outdoor spaces look great and perform well. Read More About Travertine »


Our business provides a range of marble installation services that improve the functionality and sturdiness of your outdoor space. We assist with numerous outdoor restoration tasks, including installing marble veneer pavers. We have established ourselves as a company with extensive experience in the field and continue to offer our clients superior solutions. Although marble is a fantastic material, installation needs knowledge and experience. We have skilled paver installers who have finished many such projects and know how to approach these works for the best results. We will collaborate with you on the project throughout its stages, from design and ideation to scheduling and implementation. Your new paver courtyard, deck, patio, or other outdoor living areas will look stunning and be safe and durable, thanks to the systematic process we follow. We also employ the most up-to-date installation methods to create the most beautiful surfaces in your yard or landscape. Read More About Marble »


A home would benefit from an outdoor kitchen since it expands the interior living space and provides the property with a beautiful, uncluttered look. Additionally, you can host parties, grill food, and spend time in your yard with family and friends. It's great to have an outdoor cooking space to cook and serve barbequed foods while you interact with the guests or keep an eye on your kids. We are a local hardscaping company with a professional team who can design a distinctive outdoor kitchen for you. They will create the structure to complement the architectural characteristics of your home. We recognize that outdoor kitchens must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. By combining our imagination, material knowledge, and cutting-edge installation techniques, we can build breathtaking outdoor areas that substantially raise the value of your property. In addition to ensuring prompt project completion, we also provide superior customer service so that you can enjoy a gorgeous outdoor kitchen within the shortest time. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens »


Pergolas are a perfect covering for walkways, patios, and pathways in addition to decks. The ones we design and construct specifically for you might become the highlight of your yard. You can select a pergola made of wood, composite material, vinyl, or metal, and we will customize it for you. This building is a great way to give your yard more shade and increase the usability of your deck or patio, even during summertime. We design your pergola according to your specifications, considering location, size, design, and price. Some customers also request pergola installations over their outdoor kitchens, and we gladly oblige. When you work with us, you can be confident that you will have an excellent outdoor building that improves your property's appearance, utility, and value. Your pergola will be exceptional since we employ the best components and construction methods in every project we handle. Read More About Pergolas »


People desire lush, green grass for landscaping to look complete and appealing. But maintaining these installations requires a lot of work and time that most people don't have. We suggest using synthetic grass in landscapes if these are your concerns. Both homeowners and businesses can benefit from this low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. The convenience of artificial grass is one of its most important benefits. You don't need to worry about mowing, watering, fertilizing, or taking care of it in any other way. You can use a hose or a blower on the synthetic grass to remove trash and leaves. You won't need to replace the best artificial grass for at minimum ten years, if not longer. It won't fade and is weather-resistant even when it is constantly exposed to the sun's UV rays. Many people now avoid placing natural grass in their business and residential properties due to these characteristics, which are difficult to ignore. Read More About Synthetic Turf »

We offer the expertise and perspective necessary to design, build, and adequately plan a variety of masonry aspects for your property. With our guidance, you'll see that your exterior spaces look more polished and welcome all year long. Hardscape design, building, installation, and maintenance are all areas where our business has established a reputation for excellence. We have extensive knowledge in this sector and the necessary capabilities to offer creative solutions. We use the best products and installation techniques to create unique, low-maintenance outdoor environments. This strategy and our commitment to quality give our customers great value. We make sure our customers receive features with exceptional value and minimal maintenance requirements. For more information regarding our outdoor living services, please call Paver Overlays at (772) 302-3703. You can also drop us a line via this Contact Us form, and we will respond quickly. We are here to help with all your outdoor living and hardscaping requirements.

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